Harvey Weinstein's Trial Defense Lawyer Commited Legal Treachery Against Her Client By Impairing His Defense & Denying Him Fair Representation

She convinced him to withhold his single most powerful defense; to provide his own testimony as evidence and deny the accusations.

Without providing his own testimony as evidence in his defense, the statements of the women being used against him immediately become elevated from “he said she said” to the ONLY “eye witness” testimony in the case.

Let me guess, she’s going to use the term “equity” in defending her actions.

This is a complete and catastrophic misrepresentation of her duties to advise her client in protecting his legal rights and presenting a legal defense. This was an absurd betrayal of her client. Absolute treachery.

And of course this “legal advice” was echoed by the Left’s multimedia echo chamber, spreading the lie.

This same lawyer is now representing multiple other women who are accusing and suing rich men for other sexual accusations. Clearly there is a “previously unstated” massive conflict of interest here.